What Will I Say When I’m Old And Gray?

When I look back on life
Which passes by in the blink of an eye
What will I say?
That I wish I pursued my
Wildest, craziest and most outlandish dreams?
I tried that thing everyone told me was ludicrous
I made embarrassing mistakes
I risked my reputation
I stumbled, I tumbled, I failed
I slogged through the mud
I crawled through the valley
I slithered through the rocks
I experimented with Truth
I reflected, I prayed, I learned, I changed
I transformed more into my truest self
I grew out of the mud like a lotus flower
I sprouted like a sequoia
I charged like a cheetah
I ascended like an alpine
I flew like a falcon
And I breathed the air of my highest calling
*Photo Credit: Davide Cantelli

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